Equine About

Aspiring young riders will benefit from a great combination of equine education and academic courses that will give them the ability to earn up to 12 credits per year towards their high school diploma.

Courses and sessions are uniquely integrated into a regular school day occurring at Eagle Butte High School and off-campus at Forsyth Ranch Arena. In partnership with their horse, and under the direction of their equine mentor, students will be given the opportunity to pursue an equestrian discipline of their choice. This academy is currently available to applicants from Grades 10-12.

Exciting sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Horsemanship
  • Leadership
  • Animal Care: Safety, Diet and Nutrition
  • Sport Psychology
  • Multi-sport and Movement
  • Academic Ownership and Intervention
  • Individualized Student Mental Wellness and Mindful Student
  • Parent Sessions on Supporting Young Riders

Students can look forward to many other bonuses the program has to offer including potential participation in showcases and events, as well as the development of a prospect horse.

** The Equestrian Academy program is currently only available at the high school level by attending Eagle Butte High School in Dunmore, AB.
** Please visit the Programs tab to learn more about elementary and junior high equestrian options offered at Irvine School.