Flight - About

Mission Statement

The South Alberta Flight Academy's mission is to enhance the educational and leadership experiences of our students while helping them attain their full potential in academic excellence, character, and citizenship as well as aeronautical mechanics, drone operations, and wilderness survival skills while acquiring their private pilot license.

In partnership with Super T Aviation, this program will allow students the opportunity to work towards obtaining their private pilot’s license while earning credits through
applicable courses in:

  • Aeronautics
  • Aviation-Flight
  • Fabrication
  • Leadership
  • Mechanics
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Recreation
  • Wilderness
  • Robotics (including flight simulation and drone operation)

“Flying is so exciting! It is not something a lot of people get to do, especially people my age. It pushes me outside my comfort zone which applies to all other areas of my life. Flying has given me a lot of confidence and new experiences meeting people in the industry as well as different perspectives on many aspects of the aviation industry. This program and the instructors are awesome!”
Emily Stock, Flight Academy Student (who currently possesses her private pilot license and is in pursuit of her commercial pilot license)